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The body as data project forms the practice element of Sidonie Carey-Green's PhD research at Royal Holloway University of London. With fellow artist Tom Tegento, through a series of choreographic objects, she explores an approach for performance with new technologies to become transformative rather than oppressive for othered bodies. 

For examiners: 

Please navigate through both objects:


Uninvited (chapter 3) and Contagion (chapter 4)


Both objects contain a film which documents the performance itself, and a page which documents the creation process.

There is also a journal and a section on the digital alter-ego to visit after the object pages. 

Once you have visited both object pages, please feel free to navigate through the website as you please.


There are resources documenting the Kent Coast, texts for allyship, details of the events and artist profiles to explore. 

Here first

This one next

Digital alter-ego

Detailed process log

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