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Commissioned by Counterpoints Arts and Arts Council England, The Body-as-Data Project aims to connect local communities and those who have experienced forced migration through creative dance practice, walking, and surveillance technologies to come together to mobilise the border of the Kent coast from Margate to Folkestone.


Over the summer, we will present a series of community workshops, site specific walking events and a film which all explore how the ‘body-as-data’ can draw its own border by re-imagining the impact of drone technology and the power of walking practices.

The aims of the project are to: 

  • Explore the themes of migration and surveillance technologies through dance and movement practices 

  • Connect local communities in spaces which are heavily affected by migration in Kent

  • Create and choreograph a space for the embodiment and agency of marginalised people involved in the project

  • Continue exploring the ‘body-as-data’ through practice

The 'body-as-data' refers to the process of the body being inscribed into data and vice versa when interacting with surveillance technologies at digital borderzones, which ultimately controls onward movement.

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